CARE - Centralised Aid of Repository Entitlement

The Pharmacy of Your Choice Unit (POYC) was established in 2007 with the primary objective of administering the Pharmacy of Your Choice Scheme, which provides free medication to entitled patients through community pharmacies. POYC is dedicated to achieving excellence in providing the highest quality pharmaceutical service in a patient-centric environment. This objective is achieved through a culture based on teamwork and organizational learning. Patients are entitled to the Government’s free pharmaceutical service as outlined in the Social Security Act Cap 318 Article 23, as well as its subsequent amendment – Act No. I of 2012 and the Fifth Schedule to the same Act. The POYC Scheme adds value by eliminating the long waiting and queuing times typically experienced at Health Centres, and by providing prompt and personalized pharmaceutical service including information, advice, and delivery.

The Patient Entitlement Repository system, known as CARE, has been developed by POYC with the objective of facilitating the issuance of Schedule V (Kartuna s-Safra) and other related entitlements. CARE is a web-based system, designed to replace traditional paper-based applications, that effectively minimizes queuing times and significantly reduces the time for clients at the front desk. Subsequent to the implementation of CARE, the utilization of electronic means in granting entitlement to free medicines and the prescribing process, significantly increased the efficiency and precision of workflow procedures, ultimately resulting in the enhancement of both the safety and quality of patient care.

The implementation of online applications through CARE holds immense significance in today’s world, where the demand for efficient and timely services has become more critical than ever. 

The modernization of the application process within the CARE system has resulted in a more expedient and efficient service delivery. This updated approach reduces the potential for errors that may arise from multiple inputs, enhances accessibility to pertinent medical data, and ultimately integrates the medical records of every patient into a unified interface.