e-Dispensing Medical Treatment Robot

e-Dispensing Medical Treatment system is an automated support system, utilising an arrangement of technologies that enable the various clinical users to electronically manage the use and keep track of the utilisation dynamics of medical products (medicines and medical devices). The system integrates clinical usage trends with logistical pulls, towards a just in time model of supply.

This system composes of mechatronics technologies, automated dispensing cabinet, and e-prescribing software. The system is operated in cooperation with Deenova, an Italian company that specialise in healthcare system.

The main technologies that are being used in Mater Dei Hospital:

ALL-IN-1 STATION automatically prepares and dispenses specific patient medications in unit dose, and automatically loads specific patient medications into ALL-IN-1 TROLLEY, saving time for nurses and eliminating human errors for increased patient safety.

Centralize Pharmacy Robot is an automated warehouse that stores the unit dose drugs and delivering them to wards using the pneumatic tube system.

SENTINEL, RFID secured Cabinet, has been designed for storage and real time tracking of medical devices (implantable and disposables) and closing the loop by using Sentry, an RFID secure bin which automatically records patient specific medical devices consumptions data.